Off the Radar




From January 4th, 2012, both sat navs and smart phones which warn of speed camera locations are illegal in France, and offenders face a fine of €1500.

In fact, it is illegal to have an “avertisseur de radar” in your car, even if you are not using it. Cars that have a fitted GPS giving advanced warning of speed cameras.should have the GPS updated  with a new map which does not show ‘radars’

According to the Tom Tom website….

“If you have the TomTom Speed Camera service on your device, you are breaking the law if you continue to receive the speed camera warnings and you risk getting a fine.
Disable Speed Camera alerts for France on your device.
Update your device with the latest Speed Cameras. This will remove the Speed Cameras for France from your device.”

Tom Tom and other Satnave companies are working on a new service for France that warns you about danger zones instead of speed cameras.

This will also make a few extra quid for SatNav sellers!

If you have a satnav system built into your car, it is suggested that you contact the vehicle manufacturer for advise.

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