End of Summer Strikes

Uh oh. Here we go again!

Delays, cancellations and a lot of frustrated passengers could potentially be a result of the proposed strikes, hinting at the chaos seen during last year’s summer season. However, during the strikes of late August and early September, Ryanair confirmed that “all Ryanair flights to and from UK airports operated as scheduled – with zero cancellations”.

British Airways have also announced strike action for September and Transavia pilots will strike from the beginning of September to the 10th October, affecting flights across the network.

Have your plans been disrupted? Often airlines, particularly low-cost, advise of a cancellation only a few days before the flight is scheduled to fly so here’s a list of the countries planning strike action over the coming weeks.

UK & Ireland – BA & Ryanair

  • 9th – 10th September (BA)
  • 18th – 19th September (Ryanair)
  • 21st September (Ryanair)
  • 23rd September (Ryanair)
  • 25th September (Ryanair)
  • 27th September (BA & Ryanair)
  • 29th September (Ryanair)

Spain – Ryanair strikes

  • 18th – 19th September
  • 21st September
  • 23rd September
  • 25th September
  • 27th September
  • 29th September

If you are affected….

First and foremost, airlines are only obliged to provide alternative travel arrangements or a refund once you have received a notification from them that your flight has been cancelled. This means that if you cancel your flight to avoid being affected, you WILL NOT be compensated!

If you are not affected directly be the strikes, remember that airports are likely to be much busier with affected passengers being directed to other flights. Allow yourself extra time at the airport in case of long queues.

Consider taking out travel insurance for extra peace of mind.



  1. Checking it out Tim. Will let you know if I find out any more info. Havent had an update for a while.

  2. I thought the UK dates were 00:01 on 2 September to 23:59 on 4 September. Not 1st Sep as above. Am I wrong?

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