Pratiques thermales

Cure de Boisson
Drinking the water
The internal effects of drinking the water are brought about first and foremost by the sulphur but also by the oligoelements (also known as trace elements, and indispensable substances because they allow the human organism to carry out all biochemical processes necessary to its tissue.)

Sulphur is absorbed through the skin, decreasing blood-pressure and improving circulation to the blood vessels, including the coronary arteries, as well as the sulphur-contents of the vein walls. It is also known to decrease cholesterol contents, help to lower the danger of arteriosclerosis, stimulate breathing and improve metabolism and play an important role in the treatment of psoriasis-related skin-conditions

Those using the waters as drinking treatment should stick rigourously to medical advice on quantity and regularity.


Bain en baignoire
Bain en piscine
Bathing is in individual baths or swimming pool. It allows the skin to absorb the active ingredients of the thermal water. Its effect is triple-action – to work on articular pains, to relax the muscles and to act as an anti-inflammatory.
Bain avec douche sous-marine
The underwater jets (douche sous-marine) are high pressure jets directed by spa staff at the area or areas required or indicated by a doctor.


Douche générale au jet
Douche locale au jet
Administered from varying distances via a pressurised jet of thermal water onto specific parts of the body, this treatment provides relief from nervous tension and aids good circulation.
Douche pénétrante générale
This treatment is carried out with the client lying down on a treatment table. Multiple jets on a moving arm are moved up and down the body. The power of the jets help the thermal elements to penetrate more thoroughly and the atmosphere in these private booths is rich in sulphur vapours, aiding respiration.
Douche sous immersion en piscine
Douche de forte pression sous immersion en piscine
These treatments take place in the swimming pool where clients have their own units to regulate height and pressure of water jets as they wish. This is basically a hydro massage helping muscle relaxation, circulation and easing water retention.

Mud treatments

Bain de boue général
The patient is immerged in a pool of thermal mud (kaolin and thermal water) The body feels completely weightless, aiding joint movement as well as the relaxation advantages. The muds also help tissue regeneration and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
Douche locale des mains et (ou) des pieds éventuellement suivie de bain de boue local des mains et (ou) aux pieds
Pressurised jets of thermal water aimed specifically at hands, arms, legs or feet followed by a mud beth. Recommended for strengthening the muscles, improving the blood circulation and treating sprains and bruises.
Cataplasmes de boue
Mud is locally applied to specific areas of the body.


Piscine de mobilisation
Carried out in the thermal water swimming pool and supervised by qualified physiotherapists, this technique consists of specific gym movements, tailored to the individual. Particularly recommended for treatment of osteo-articular problems from accidents, fractures etc degenerative arthritis.

Vapeurs et gaz thermaux naturels ou artificiels
Steam and vapour

Similar to a steam room, the vapours from the thermal waters are piped in and inhaled. The temperature of the vapours ensures that the thermal elements are absorbed into the organism.

Pratiques thermales spécifiques des voies respiratoires
Recommended particularly for the respiratory tract

Thermal water in direct contact with the mucous membrane of the pharynx allows the thermal elements to penetrate.
Bain nasal
Nose bath. A small pipe is used to ‘bathe’ the mucous membrane in thermal water.
Irrigation nasale
A form of draining and purifying the nasal passages via a small canular using very low pressure thermal water.
A thin jet of thermal water, broken up into fine droplets by a type of sieve, is directed into the client’s mouth, treating the throat, the tonsils and the pharynx.
Humage, nébulisation
Inhalation of fine drops of thermal water via a mask, treating the interior of the nose and throat.
Humage individuel
As above, but using thermal vapours.
Aérosol individuel
Another mask treatment, from which micro particles are released, penetrating deep into the respiratory tract, particularly efficient for bronchitis, asthme etc
Aérosol sonique
A low frequency sonic vibration gives those micro particles an extra ‘zap’ making sure that they penetrate areas normally difficult to reach such as the sinuses. Prticularly recommend for sinusitis and bronchitis.
Inhalation collective en lumière de Wood
This treatment takes place in a sauna type room equipped with ultraviolet lights, where very fines sprays of thermal water are piped via ultrasound to ensure deeper and wider penetration of the thermal elements. This has also been proven to aid sleep and to relive anxiety, particularly in asthmatics.

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