What is an ‘attestation d’accueil’?

This is a ‘Proof of Accommodation’ document that your UK visitors could be asked to produce when entering France.

It includes plenty of personal details, documents to produce, and also how long a visitor will be staying, exact dates, their relationship to you, the size of the property they’ll be staying at, whether they love or hate marmite (not really for that last one)……

attestation d'accueil

Pick up the form from your local mairie. The attestation itself is free but you need “un timbre fiscal” (30€) that you can buy in a tabac, or online at https://timbres.impots.gouv.fr.

At time of writing, it still seems there is still a lot of confusion regarding the attestation, with different mairies enforcing different rules. Both the British and the French government websites are showing the attestation as necessary….. do with that what you will.


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