La Galerie Marianne


This municipal art gallery is curated by the Mairie of Argelès-sur-Mer and is free entry for everybody.

Showcasing temporary exhibitions from internationally renowned artists, the works on display span multiple genres.

Call 04 68 81 50 60 or visit the Mairie’s website for information on up-coming exhibitions.

Santiago Vinas at Galerie Marianne

5th – 29th April

Santiago Viñas

The artist exudes calmness, a rare tranquility that encourages audiences to take a moment and reflect on their fast-paced, everyday lives. Suffering from an eye condition which could easily put paid to his creations, Viñas embodies the concept of “lacher prise” (letting go). Drawings, paintings, pastels, theatre and poetry, this libertarian allows himself total freedom, and invites you to do the same!

Exhibition Opening Hours
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2pm-6pm
Wednesday & Saturday 10am-12pm & 2pm-6pm
Closed Mondays & Sundays

Tuesday 11th April
Santiago Viñas hosts a conference on the works of some of inspirations; the works of Rimbaud, Rilke and Casals.

Friday 21st April
Artist-led workshop : acrylics, pastels and other media. 30€ per person, materials provided. Call 04 68 81 50 60 for info and reservations.

modock_vallon galerie marianne

3rd May – 30th May

Sonia Modock

Playing with the relationship between balance and imbalance, Modock brings together music, dance and poetry in this exhibition of bronze statues. A timeless material is given a contemporary make-over, seamlessly blurring realism and surrealism.

Jean Vallon

This self-taught artist pushes himself to the outer limits of his own paradoxes, playing with the loaded gun of creativity and visually manifesting his interrogations; his inner-demons. His surrealist creations are bursting with symbolism, begging to be considered and interpreted according to one’s own perceptions.

Exhibition Opening Hours
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 2pm-6pm
Wednesday & Saturday 10am-12pm / 2pm-6pm

Free entry

Retirada memorial, Galerie Marianne

17th February – 30th June

Chemins de la Retirada

The Spanish Republican refugees fleeing Franco were some of the first to sign up to the French resistance of the Nazi occupation. Honouring the courage, bravery and selflessness of these persecuted and tortured people, the Mémorial du Camp in Argelès sur Mer pays tribute to their dedication to Liberté, Fraternité et Egalité with an exhibition and series of conferences.

Exhibition Opening Hours
Tuesday – Saturday, 2pm-6pm

Free entry

Please note this exhibition is not in the Galerie Marianne.
Mémorial du Camp
Espace Jules Pams – 1st floor
04 68 95 85 03

Eau, Casa Albera, Galerie Marianne

1st February – 10th September


Water, the source of life, is an integral part of daily life regardless of religion, creed or culture. Between the glittering Mediterranean, the étangs and the thermal springs, water plays a particularly significant role here in the P-O. But it can also represent danger: pirates were once regular visitors to our coastline and floods continue to wreak havoc today. Discover the nature of water, in all its forms, at the Casa de l’Albèra.

Exhibition Opening Hours
Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 12pm / 2pm – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 1pm
Closed Mondays & Sundays

Entry 3€

Please note this exhibition is not in the Galerie Marianne.
Casa de l’Albèra
4 place des Castellans
04 68 81 42 74

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