You may not consider yourself to be a TV junky but when it comes to the small screen, it’s probably true to say that many Brits, not forgetting those from the Emerald Isle, can get severe withdrawal symptoms if the box isn’t on, or worse still, goes on the blink!

This super little walk takes place in the Capcir valley, near to Les Angles, and is suitable for all the family as it involves minimal height gain and, subject to weather, can be done, summer, winter and also on a mountain bike.

Situated between Millas, Corneilla-la-Rivière and Montner, at an altitude of 507 metres, the panorama from this stunning view point extends along the coastline from Port-Vendres to Leucate, across the Agly and Têt valleys, over the Albères, Canigo, Carlit… Truly fabulous.

GARDENING IN THE PYRENEES ORIENTALES With Gill Storey  This is the time to think about water storage for the future. If, like us, you have access to an irrigation canal, water supply is simple during…

Hands up if the vocabulary and acronyms associated with the French Education System leave you standing outside the classroom door! Your neighbour’s grandson ‘va redoubler’. What a clever girl his sister must be, going to college at just 11 years old. And what on earth is BAC + 3?

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