As technology develops we continually investigate ways to improve our service to you. Ex-pats all over the world seek ways to watch their favourite programs; it’s probably all part of being British! And we are here to help you do that.

Hands up if the vocabulary and acronyms associated with the French Education System leave you standing outside the classroom door! Your neighbour’s grandson ‘va redoubler’. What a clever girl his sister must be, going to college at just 11 years old. And what on earth is BAC + 3?

Get to know Argelès-sur-Mer   Would you really like to get to know Argelès-sur-Mer? Its history? The legends? Join one of the thematic,  guided walks, organized by the Casa de Albera for the past ten…

Cindy Guilbert has forgotten more than most of us ever knew about  flowers and herbs. She  makes perfumes, paints mandala watercolours and other artworks, makes chocolates,  dabbles in crafts……Visit her at Naturale Magick.  or contacther by e-mail at