What to do, where to go....

The countryside has come alive, the ice saints are finished for the year so don your fedora and start adventuring.

If you need suggestions, our love of the region’s wine is no secret and this time of year is perfect for visiting vineyards and stocking up for summer.

If you’re not sure where to start, any of those that appeared in my reviews are well worth a visit.

Its always great fun living here, exploring things to do, places to go and where to enjoy the occasional lunch. Here’s a bit of this and a bit of that! Bonne fin de semaine.
Pop back for more next week.

Apparently wind turbines are disturbing our wild goat numbers so we drove up the D900, turned left at Caves to investigate the situation first hand and stroll through fields of wild goat grazed thyme, rosemary and garlic. The turbines are big, make a faint whoosh and that’s about it. No sign of distressed wild goats. No surprise I suppose considering their diet.

Saint Marie La Mer, Pyrenees Orientales

Following reports that the Mediterranean had not evaporated over winter we visited St Marie La Mer for confirmation and lunch. A summer time family friendly favourite, it seems they have been busy, flag poles, palms and new dining options have sprung up everywhere.

Rugby is the game played in heaven and at the moment the Catalan Dragons are on cloud nine. Nicely placed for the finals there is nothing better than getting out to Stade Gilbert Brutus and watching the lads at work. Plenty of home matches to choose from, Tribune Bonzoms has the best seats. .

….and a recipe instead of a rant……

The only Rump steak recipe you need to know from my Chicago grandmother.

Chilled, no less than one inch thick. Don’t over-trim, must have fat.

  • Dry well, lightly brush the steak with canola or sunflower oil.
  • Season with pepper, scatter some coarse salt on a heavy hot plate. No naked flames or hot coals svp, leave that for the TV chefs.
  • Heat and speed are the key. Double dip the steak as you put it on to to stop it sticking.
  • Cook for 1 min then repeat with the other side. Rest the steak for a minute or so to allow the juices to settle down then repeat. Give the last side 2 mins for medium.
  • Rest the steak while you pour a glass of rump friendly Syrah or Grenache.
  • Slice chef wise on a platter so guests can select their preferred piece.

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