Very Céret Cherry Cocktail

(try saying that once you’ve sampled a few!)

It’s Cherry Season!

Céret is the undisputed cherry capital of the P-O, and probably the whole of France, its cherry trees the last of the spring fruits to blossom but the first to bear fruit. By May, the first cherries of the season are on their way to the President of France, and stalls, trestle tables, and rickety makeshift benches laden with the fruit appear on every street corner, splashing vivid colour around Céret, bringing with them the feel of early summer.

So far this year, the 2021 Fête de la Cerise is still pencilled into the calendar for the 22nd and 23rd May. After being cancelled in 2020, we’ve got everything crossed in the hope that this colourful weekend of stone spitting, music, dancing and entertainment in the streets can go ahead.

Whatever is decided for the festival, those delicious cherries will still be available on trees and in shops so why not try our special and simple cherry slushie cocktail, a rather unprofessional result (skin an’ all) of painstaking research over several warm and giggly evenings!


Ingredients (serves 2)

10-16 fresh cherries pitted
  Juice from 1 large lime
  2 tsp sugar (more for a sweet tooth)
  Cup ice
  1/2 – 1ltr water (to taste)
  4 shots Vodka

  • Mix water, sugar and cherries in a blender until well combined.
  • Add ice, lime juice and vodka.
  • Blend until slushie.
    Tchin tchin!


  1. Haha. Have you never used cupice to cool yourself down on a hot day?

  2. Looking forward to trying this.
    I was intrigued by one of the ingrédients: “CUPICE”……..what on earth is a CUPICE? An unknown fruit? Something from the tropics?

    Better go to Specsavers.

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