by David Phillips

Have you ever thought of bell ringing as a pastime?

St.George’s Church Vernet-Les-Bains this week receives ten bells from Taylor’s Foundry in Loughborough.

While all the fitting goes on over the next week or so you can call and see the bells. They will be ready for Easter Sunday and will be rung before and after the morning service then.

Do come if you are interested; they will be on display this coming Palm Sunday.

The service starts at 10.00am.

If you are interested in learning English change ringing we would be glad to see you.

The ten new bells at St George’s will be the first change-ringing bells in France, only the third ring-able peal on mainland Europe, and mainland Europe’s first ring of ten. The bells were cast by John Taylor & Co at their foundry in Loughborough in November, December and January. Phase one of work in the tower began on 26th February, and was completed on 2nd March with the installation of a new belfry floor, ringing chamber ceiling and ring beam to support the bell-frame.

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