WALK THE REGION…..with Lyn and Arthur Saville

Circular walk Planèzes

IGN 2448OT Time including stops: 4 hours.

Circular walk Planeze
A lovely walk through woods, vines and wild flowers, moderately hard in places but not beyond most people wearing boots. Some of you may like to use a walking pole.


Park the car in the village of Planèzes. As you come into the village from the direction of Tour de France pass a cave on your right, turn right just after signed parking and park near the communal bins. There is no food or drink en route, so take it with you.

The walk

Tower of TremoineLeaving the car park, cross the road and take the higher road with a yellow sign(1) saying amongst other things AU TOUR DE TREMOINE.

The road goes steeply up hill  and is well signed with the usual yellow paint slashes.

Eventually the road becomes a track with lovely views of Planèzes and Canigou if the weather is fine.

In the distance and above you for most of the rest of the walk you will see the Tower of Tremoine. This is a square tower which indicates it is very early military architecture, as the advent of primitive cannons around the 13th century resulted in towers being built circular, in order to better withstand cannon balls.

In spring there are masses of wild flowers.

Eventually you arrive at a track which goes downhill to your left. Now you can see the village of Rasiguères which gets closer and closer until you think you are going into it, but then there is a yellow paint mark on a pole which indicates you turn off to the right and eventually come to a three track junction.

If you turn left here you will go back down into Rasiguères. The higher path to the right, is the way we later come down.

Tower of Tremoine

Of the three, take the right hand lower path signed AU TOUR  DE TREMOINE.

Continue downhill past some old abandoned iron mines, in a beautiful wooded valley.

Then climb up through low woods and scrub until, after a steep climb, you arrive at the top and hit a dirt road between high vineyards.

To your right is the beautiful valley of Maury.

At the very top of the hill, turn left on the track and shortly after turn left again and start to go downhill. Views of the tower are now to your left and after a time, Rasiguères s comes into view below. The marking is very good as you walk through the pretty village.

At the main road, turn right and walk up the road towards Planèzes before going down to the right between vineyards, then right and left walking now by the Agly, which is masked from you by trees.

Eventually you see a sign indicating left and uphill through the village of Planeze to your car.


  1. Not sure exactly. I’ve done it myself, many years ago, with the lovely couple who wrote it up, but can’t give you any more details. I remember huffing and puffing at times but it was all doable with an average fitness level.

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