On the screen in 2018

Sun, sea, snow, wine, food, culture… we really are lucky to live here in the P-O. But did you know that we also have a thriving cinema scene? Here’s a list of films screening in 2018, each linked in some way to the region.

Some have received financial support from the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region in partnership with the CNC, some have been made by production companies based in the region, others have been shot here and produced by companies based in other regions.

Documentaries, short and feature films, for cinema, television and other screen formats, the list confirms what we already knew… it’s all going on in the P-O!

Le Collier rouge. Jean Becker, ICE3.

1 day filming in Le Barcarès (23rd May 2017)


1919, in a small town crushed by the summer heat, a war hero is held prisoner in a deserted barracks. At the door, his loyal dog barks day and night.

Not far away, in the countryside, a young woman, worn out by the work of the earth, too educated to be a simple peasant, waits and hopes.

The judge who arrives to disentangle the case is an aristocrat whose principles have been shaken by the war. Three characters and, in the middle of them, a dog, who holds the key to the drama.

Watch the trailor here.

Gli indesiderati. Europa ! Fabrizio Ferraro, Passepartout.

Filmed across the P-O : Argelès sur mer, Banyuls, Port-Vendres, Cerbère (20th February to 4th March 2017)


Pyrénées-Orientales, 1939-1940. Along the “Route Lister”, the path between Spain and France, the moral and material destiny of democratic Europe has thwarted itself, overwhelmed by fascism, nationalism and xenophobia.

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Les Municipaux. Eric Carrière et Francis Ginibre, Apollo Cinema.

Filmed in Port Vendres (11th September to 20th October 2017)


Set in the magnificent Port Vendres, this is a so-French story of a bling-bling mayor and his team of municipal employees. Wholeheartedly climbing the social ladder, wholeheartedly resisting the hectic pace of life, wholeheartedly ridiculous, they are the larger-than-life heroes that we recognise in our own communities.

Watch the trailor here.

Les Innocents. Frédéric Berthe, TF1.

Filmed across the P-O (May to August 2017)


While sharing an isolated moment of intimacy in the woods, Yann and Lucas, two teenagers, witness a cold and methodical murder. They saw the killer, and the killer saw them before they got away.

The two boys decide to keep their presence at the crime scene quiet to prevent their secret from leaking out. They lie to their friends, their family, and most importantly, to the principal investigator, Constable Hélène Siquelande, who is also Yann’s guardian.

But things aren’t as simple as that… the assassin is on their trail and will stop at nothing to eliminate the loose ends.

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For the full list of titles filmed in regional areas like ours, visit the Languedoc-Roussillon Cinema website here.

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