Le Petit Train Jaune

Dima and Angelina fell in love with our region’s mountains and couldn’t shake the power they held over them. So they decided to follow their heart and move from a big city to a small village in the P-O to be able to do what they love, creating photo and video content to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to care for the environment.

“We are passionate nature and animal lovers who like hiking, trekking and camping. On our Youtube channel we share every hike we do with the world including maps and tips so we really hope to inspire you to start your own adventure!”

In the creation of their video on the region’s emblematic Petit Train Jaune, the couple used information that they found on the P-O Life website and as such shared with us the final product. And we think it’s pretty darn good so grab a cuppa, and why not some popcorn, and settle back to (re)discover the magic of the P-O.

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