Pain at the Péage – motorway tolls on the up.

From February 2023, tolls on French motorways will rise by an average 4,75%, although this is actually less than originally predicted.

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The government also proposes various discounts to ” limiter les hausses de prix pour la vie quotidienne, en protégeant ceux qui doivent utiliser la voiture pour aller travailler et en encourageant la transition écologique “.

For example, owners of electric vehicles are exempt from the increase and can also benefit from a further 5% reduction in tolls on motorways directed by APRR and Sanef. Vinci have yet  to agree to a similar reduction at time of writing.

To benefit from this 5% extra, on top of the exemption from the 4,75 rise,  you will need to register your motor beeper( electronic toll badge) and declare that you are driving an electric car.



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