Summer Firework Displays

As the summer season starts, the evening skies of North Catalonia whizz, pop and crackle to the sight and sound of fireworks displays, sometimes musical, sometimes echoing over sea and port, or illumating anicient bell towers, chateaux and mountains.

Here is a list of some of the promised firework displays coming up over the tourist season. Do check however with the local tourist office, that they will still be taking place on the day at the time shown as weather, strikes and other circumstances may causes changes to the schedule.

Also, just a little note on firework safety.  Please be aware that rules & regulations in France are much stricter than in the UK and certain fireworks you can buy in the UK may be banned in France, and for good reason!

Click the link for full details on rules & regulations in France. But, if in doubt, best to leave it to the experts and go to one of the many organised displays – there’s certainly no shortage of them!


Thursday 5th 

9pm Argelès sur Mer (Luna Park)

Friday 13th 

10pm Saint Félieu d’Amont
10pm Torreilles (Stade)
10.15pm Céret (Stade Fondecave)
10.30pm Canet en Roussillon (Espace Méditerranée)
11pm Argelès sur Mer (Bell tower – village)
11pm Le Barcarès (Place de la République)

Saturday 14th

10pm Prats de Mollo
10pm Saint Cyprien (Stade)
11pm Argelès sur Mer (Por Digue nord)

Sunday 15th

10pm Le Barcarès (Port)

Wednesday 18th

10pm Torreilles (Plage)

Sunday 22nd

9pm Argelès sur Mer (Luna Park)

Wednesday 25th

9.30pm Canet en Roussillon (Place Charles Trenet)
10pm Argelès sur Mer (Parking des Pêcheurs, Port)

Sunday 29th

Canet en Roussillon (Place Charles Trenet 9pm)


Saturday 4th

11.30pm Ille sur Tet

Wednesday 8th

10pm Argelès sur Mer (Parking des Pêcheurs, Port)
10pm Torreilles (Plage)

Tuesday 14th

9.30pm Canet en Roussillon (Port)

Wednesday 15th

11pm Saint Cyprien

Wednesday 22nd

10pm Argelès sur Mer (Parking des Pêcheurs, Port)

Although we try to put all firework displays on the list, it is always possible we have missed some. If you know of a display not on the list, please email us and we will add it to the list –

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