Tourisme de Terroir

Coming from the French word terre for “soil,” the word terroir originally described the special characteristics of a region, or piece of land, which gave different varieties of wine, coffee and tea their individuality. (Soil, climate, position, regional traditions….)

Over the centuries, French winemakers developed and took for their own the concept of terroir but the word is still often used to describe rural activities and harvest festivals. 

So If you think the end of the summer season brings a curtain down on outdoor frolics in the P-O, read on! Summer fun is fine, but autumn entertainment is awesome, winter wobbles a little, then comes spring. Fairs and festivals around the region, little and large, celebrating every imaginable ‘produit de terroir’, animal, vegetable and mineral.
Potatoes, olives, wine (bien sûr) chocolate, antiques, roast chestnuts, more wine, (bien sûr) witches, horses, foie gras, apples, encore du vin (bien sûr) ………

They might not all be a pulsing whirl of excitement – some are only small gatherings scantily attended – but it’s a great way to support the local producers, many of whom are struggling in the present economic climate.

Dare we say it..? Spring has arrived! And the P-O is a hive of productivity. Below is a list of various terroir events taking place across the region. Check in with local tourist offices for more detailed info and brochure….and if you know of any small fairs and festivals celebrating the land, please CONTACT US.


Tuesday 1st
Corneilla la Rivière

Fête du Thym (thyme festival)

Tuesday 1st
Sainte Marie la Mer

Fête de l’artichaut (artichoke festival)

Friday 6th
Banyuls sur Mer

4e salon des vins de la Côte Vermeille et du Roussillon (local wine festival)

Thursday 10th
Saint Paul de Fenouillet

Printemps des Echoppes (local producers’ market)

Saturday 12th
Banyuls sur Mer

Bio Wine Festival (organic wine festival)

Friday 18th – Saturday 19th
Fête du pain (bread festival)

Sunday 20th
Canet en Roussillon

Roots on ze beach (wine on ze beach!)

Sunday 20th

Les Amorioles (wine tasting guided walk)

Sunday 20th
Mas Bel Air, Perpignan

Pique nique vigneron (communal picnic, wine and music)

Monday 21st

Fête du printemps (springtime festival)

Wednesday 23rd – Sunday 27th
Across the region

Fête de la Nature (nature festival)

Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th

La Fête de la Cerise (cherry festival)

Sunday 27th

Les Dionysiades (wine festival)


Saturday 2nd
Casse croûte à Dom Brial (picnic and tasting)

Saturday 2nd
Fête des moulins (mill festival)

Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd
Across the region
Fermes Ouvertes (farm open days)

Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd
Portes Ouvertes (cooperative cellar open day)

Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd
Fête de l’anchois (anchovy festival)

Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd
Fête de permaculture (permaculture festival)

Sunday 3rd
Prats de Sournia

Fête de l’agneau catalan (Catalan lamb festival)

Sunday 3rd
Prats de Sournia

14e Journée au Balcon du Fenouillèdes (village fête)

Sunday 3rd

Fête des paniers et des banastes (basket weaving festival)

Friday 22nd

Roots 66 (wine festival)

Friday 22nd – Saturday 27th

Fête des fruits et légumes frais (fresh fruit and veg festival)

Friday 29th

Roots 66 (wine festival)


Thursday 5th

Roots 66 (wine festival)

Saturday 7th

Vin et Casots (terroir walk and meal )

Tuesday 10th

Fête de l’abricot (apricot festival)

Thursday 12th

Roots 66 (wine festival)

Thursday 19th
Latour de France

Roots 66 (wine festival)

Saturday 21st

Fête de vieux cêpages (old vines festival)

Thursday 26th

Roots 66 (wine festival)

More events coming soon


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