With winter settling in and Christmas fast approaching, I’m planning to send some money to family overseas. But I’m worried that I might lose money with all that’s happening with currency values at the moment. How can I make sure I get the best rates and transfer at the right time?

Buy a calendar to help sick kids

Flodama, a local video production company, has teamed up with Joa Joie, an association to help hospitalised children, to produce a calendar to raise funds for the cause.

The price of water has risen faster than the cost of living over the past decade and is a significant expenditure for households. How and by whom is the price of water fixed? What services correspond to the invoice headings? L’institut national de la consommationThe (National Consumer Institute) provides you with answers.

with MM Brady From assemblies of legislatures that convene under them to zoological collections housed by them, domes signal unusual venues round the world. France has many, including Le Dôme restaurant, an Art Déco masterpiece…

WALK THE REGION……. with Christian Piquemal  A bird’s eye view of Roussillon This is an easy trail mostly following ancient muleteers’ tracks. Clear winter days and flowering springtime are the ideal periods for this half-day…

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