Saturday 22nd September 2012


 from 20h at the Café des Artistes, Laroque



Café des Artistes, Laroque des AlbèresMelanie & Fearghal invite you to raise a glass to the memory of Arthur Guinness
at the Café des Artistes.

Music night at the café restaurant will  celebrate the birthday of Aurthur Guinness with traditional Irish music by “Vodkaredboule”.

Founder of the Guinness brewery business, entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist, Irish brewer Arthur Guinness (1724 to 1803) is known throughout the world for that most famous of beers.

Guinnes was originally known as “porter”  because of its popularity with the porters and stevedores of Covent Garden and Billingsgate in London.

The word Stout was added in the early 1820’s as “extra stout porter” was a  more full bodied beer. ‘Stout’ later became a name in its own right, as did  Guinness.


Cafe Des Artistes
Laroque Des Albères

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