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Young girl stabbed to death

The body of an 18 year old girl was found on Sunday morning in Estagel cemetery – she had been reported as missing the night before. Nobody has yet been arrested but over 100 residents have been questioned and investigations are continuing.

Jellyfish invasion

Sea water temperatures of 26 degrees not only attract holiday-makers – but also jellyfish. At the first aid station of Argèlès-sur-Mer around 100 people were treated for stings. The advice is to rinse with sea water (not fresh water, nor the other ‘liquid’ that many people suggest) and then apply sand and scrape it off with a wooden spatula or credit card (depending upon what you take with you to the beach) to remove the filaments.

Jellyfish/Meduse in Canet

Suicide in Laroque-des-Albères

A 70 year-old-woman was found in the street, suffering from serious knife wounds to the stomach. Before being transferred to hospital by helicopter she managed to explain that it was in fact her own husband who had attacked her. Police entering the house discovered the body of her husband who had used the knife to end his own life. The couple are said to be Belgian and had lived in Laroque for several years.

Speeding at 214kmh on the A9

The holidays got off to a very bad start for an Austrian lady who was caught by motorway police carrying out speed checks near Trouillas. Her licence was immediately taken away and she was fined 750euros.

Virtual licence, france

Yellow train derailed

The train ran over damaged tracks and left the rails near the station at Villefranche-de-Conflent. Luckily the incident was described as ‘minor’ and the 200 passengers were evacuated and had to finish the last few metres of their journey on foot.

Little yellow train Cerdagne

Sexual assault allegations in nursery school

The town of Sorède is in shock after several charges of sexual assault were brought against a 50 year old teaching assistant. Fifteen complaints were filed by parents of the children, who were allegedly assaulted by the man during the lunch periods and during after-school care.

And finally ….

Switzerland’s Air Display team was due to fly over a town called Langenbruck which was celebrating the centenary of the first person to fly over the Alps in both directions. Unfortunately they took a wrong turn, and flew over a different town, totally disrupting a Yodelling festival. The commander has since apologised, saying that his pilots had been distracted by an unauthorised helicopter in the area. (Apologies – I know this story is by no means ‘local’ but needed something funny to counteract all the unpleasant news stories this week!)

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