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Hola amics meus

I’m quietly celebrating this 50th edition of P-O Life with a little jig around the office. Not known for my tranquility and moderation, this uncharacteristic self control may seem a little ‘étrange’…..but I simply can’t believe that this is the 50th magazine to roll off the presses – and I’m still brimming over with places I want to take you and stuff I want to share!

Thank you for accompanying me on days out, thank you for continuing to smile and tut at my bad jokes and curious ‘Did you Knows’, thank you for supporting our advertisers who make the printing and production of P-O Life possible, and thank you to all the talented and generous contributors named in this and past editions…..P-O Life would quite simply not exist without you.


And finally, it would be very unBritish not to comment on the weather. Autumn has been amazing – day after day of warm sunshine, crackling with autumn colours as the leaves turn russet, red and gold. Winter may have arrived, but we still have the magnificent P-O light to hoist us up when we’re down, keep a smile on our face and a skip in our step…perfect weather for long walks, bike rides, and cosy nights in front of a log fire.

Wishing you sunshine and laughter to warm your winter.

Fins aviat