Fancy Trying Something a Bit Different?

Bell ringing, Feldenkrais Dance Therapy, snail celebrations?

Have you heard of Feldenkrais Dance Therapy?

Perpignan-based dancer and choreographer, Michel Casanovas, offers these gentle movement classes in Collioure, to improve movement and enhance human potential. Well-known and widely used for pain-reduction and in the rehabilitation of orthopaedic or neurological problems, it is also used to improve general well-being.  Contact Michael on…..Email :
Mob: +91 9972128102

The Bells…..

How about trying something a bit different? Did you know that English bellringing is coming to the P-O? Interested? Contact St George’s Vernet-les-Bains to find out more….and look out for the Wakefield Morris Dancers and Festival of Bells at the end of September too.

Join the Snail Trail

We can’t all be snail lovers – but did you know that slugs and snails are mollusks, the same family as oysters and mussels? If you love seafood, maybe it’s time to give snails a try? Want to find out more? Team Cargols is a Perpignan-based association created to promote snail cuisine and the ‘Cargolada‘, collective snail fest of fun, socialising and celebration!  Join them in Perpignan, 25th April at the Parc des Expositions (as part of the MEDFEL Salon), and at other events.

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