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As we emerge from lockdown, hopefully unscathed and virus-free, we can count our blessings and also the number of repeats we’ve watched on TV!

But television has been our saviour during those long months of isolation and our friend when friends have been kept at a distance.

And it may be that as time goes by, and Covid continues to blight our lifestyle, television will continue to play a very important part in keeping us sane. But do read a book or two!

Whilst there are a finite number of TV channels we can offer, most with 14 days catch-up, our library of movies and TV series has grown by around 40% during the course of this year.

There are now over 100,000 titles that can be accessed and they have all been requested by our customers from many parts of the world. The ex-pat community is our audience.

We have been developing the ways in which we can provide the service over the Internet. And so now any of the following devices can be utilised; Mag Box, Formuler Box, Smart TV, SmartPhone, Tablet, Apple TV (IV), Android Box, PC and Mac.

With autumn, winter, and Christmas on the way, and of course the dreadful prospect of more restrictions to our personal lives, this is a great time to perhaps look at the options for television entertainment.

WebTV4me – we’re here to help and advise.

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