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Environmental awareness and sustainable development, here and abroad

Take a walk along the seafront at Argelès plage. Thanks to the yearly open-air photographic exhibition les Enfants de la Mer, Argelès has become a key  player in the field of environmental activism and sustainable development.

Back for its 11th edition, this recurring summer-long project was originally inspired by the outdoor photography exhibition, Vivants, in Paris back in 2007 and has become a collaborative effort, unique in France.

Renamed Argelès Photo Nature in 2018, the project remains true to its original aims of engaging and educating visitors of all ages.

With exhibitions of nature photographs in large format, along with conferences and discussions from prestigious guests, this one of our must-do events for the summer.

Panthères des Neiges

Frédéric Larrey

An unpublished exhibition by Frédéric Larrey, presenting 70 photographs of his expeditions to the Tibetan highlands, documenting the relationships between man and the emblematic snow leopard.

Nicknamed the ghost of the mountains, the feline has the reputation of being an extremely discreet and elusive animal. Long poached, they are very rare and there are only a few thousand left in the world.

Thanks to an improbable encounter between the French photographer and a Tibetan shepherd engaged in the protection of the panther, this is a unique exhibition providing a previously-unseen glimpse of this beautiful animal.

Serpents, du mythe à la réalité

Maxime Briola

An exhibition dedicated to the snakes of France, the works document the link between art and science. The magnificent photographs allow us to approach the snakes in their intimacy, and better understand this oft-misunderstood species.

If their sensational and frightening side was originally the attraction for photographer, Biola, he quickly realised that these animals were actually very different from what he had imagined.

Each image is accompanied by a short text in French, English and Spanish, explaining the unique biology, ecology, and representation of snakes. You can find answers to the following questions, and more!

  • What species are present in France?
  • How do snakes see?
  • Why do they shed their skin?
  • Why do they have a forked tongue?
  • Why is the snake the symbol for pharmacies?

Raconte-moi ta nature

Each year, local school children are invited to discover the local flora and fauna with a serious of expert-lead workshops. They will then share their discoveries with residents and visitors via their own exhibition, visible from mid-June.

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15th April – 31st October

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