Thursday 20th November 2014

Celebration of the Christmas Muscat

Fete du Muscat de Noel



Christmas MuscatThe third Thursday of November (exact date to be confirmed), sees the launch of this year’s Muscat de Noël, with events in local caves and a launch in Perpignan.

Muscat de Noël is the wine from the same year. A good Muscat de Noël should be very pale in colour and will have an intense aroma of white peaches, flowers and even hints of lychee and mint.

No Christmas table or fete is complete without a bottle of this delicious nectar from the Gods. Check out the Muscat de Noël website for up to date information.

Did you know?
In the XIVth century, the first Muscat was traditionally served at the Cour Royale de Barcelone, during the Nativity celebrations.

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