How do you fancy seeing the P-O (or at least part of it) from a railroad track on a  foot pumped handcart?

Fresh air, exercise and great views when you pedal from Axat station on the Red Train track. TPCF offers this new a d fun activity so you can enjoy stunning scenery at your own pace.

The vélorail is a cyclo-draisine or handcar which two people can pedal at the front with up to 2 adults or 3 children enjoying the ride in the back seat.

Et ne vous inquiétez pas. You won’t run the risk of bumping into a train, red or any other colour, as everything is carefully organised to avoid that. Phew!

There are two possible routes from Axat station. The ‘parcours des Radeliers’ heads towards Saint-Martin-Lys for a 1 hour round trip and for those up for a bit more of a challenge, the ‘parcours des Bûcherons’ takes you towards the Col de Campérié, for a 2 hour round trip.

And if the thought of working up a sweat pedalling along a railway track just isn’t your tasse de thé, there are also four of these vélorails with electric assistance, so you can pretend that you’re doing all the hard work with a minimum of effort!

Sounds like fun?

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