Cave Côtes d’Agly on Friday 11 Oct at 6pm.  


‘Images d’ici’



'Images d'ici'Sue Holmes (photographer) and Clare Gallaway (artist) are two English women who have both lived in the PO for more than 10 years.  This exhibition celebrates the beauty of le 66 and shows many facets of the locality through photos and paintings.  Sue focuses on nature and the outdoors, flora and fauna, as well as town and village scenes. Clare likes to paint ‘patrimoine’ and ‘paysage’, sea and scenery, and still life.
Like so many before them, Sue and Clare are both captivated by the exceptional light and colour. Sue appreciates it particularly for the subjects she takes, while Clare loves being able to paint outside.  Sue uses a Digital/SLR to capture subjects and also enjoys transforming images into Photoart. Clare uses watercolours in a traditional style but often with ink, crayon and pastel.    
You are cordially invited to the vernissage which takes place at the Cave Côtes d’Agly on Friday 11 Oct at 6pm.   

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