16th May – 9th October 2015

Festival « Les Troubadours chantent l’art roman »


Festival « Les Troubadours chantent l’art roman »From May to September, churches, abbeys and priories throughout the Languedoc Roussillon will echo to the music and poetry of modern troubadours from around the world.

The  word “troubador” is believed to come from the Provençal “trobar”, meaning; “to find or compose in verse” and originally referred to lyrical poets, minstrels and musicians who lived in Provençe and Catalonia, or northern Italy in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.

The public was tired of hymns, and droning chronicles. These new stories were sung to music on strange, new musical instruments, brought back from the Crusades. Satire, love, politics, tales of bravery, Professional singers who performed work penned by a troubadour were called jongleurs, and they might be accompanied by ioculators (jesters) and ystriones (actors).

Many of the groups in the festival tend to be  men.


Click HERE for full programme in Languedoc Roussillon, and to hear excerpts from the artistes.





Sunday 5th July at 18 h

Boule d’Amont – Prieuré de Serrabona
Voix bulgares en terres balkanes

Wednesday 8th July at 20 h 30

Villelongue-dels-Monts – Prieuré Santa Maria du Vilar
Ghaetta – Musique instrumentale et Cantigas de Santa Maria
Denyse dowling-McNamara, flûtes à bec
Léo Richomme, chant, oud, saz, percussions
Patrice Villaume, vielle à roue ténor, tympanon, cornemuse

Lessons Consort Trio   – Chansons et Airs de cour
Laurence Fraisse, flûtes à bec, traverso
Bertrand Bayle, archiluth, guitare baroque L’air de cour est lié
Joël Pons, violoncelle baroque


Sunday 12th July at 18 h 00

Arboussols – Prieuré de Marcevol
Gharbaïn – Musique arabo-andalouse
Abdalatef Bouzbiba au chant et au violon
Thomas Loopuyt au ‘oud,
Nordine Boussetta aux percussions

Tuesday 25th August at 18 h 00

Latour-de-France – Église Notre Dame des Anges
Maayan – De l’Andalousie à l’Orient, le chant des femmes sépharades
Oriental’issima, chant italo-corse et violon arabo-andalou

Music, poetry and dance

Sunday 30th August  at 18 h

Catllar – Chapelle Sainte-Marie-de-Riquer
duo Seraphim – Musique sacrée et musique profane
Carole Matras, harpe et chant
Manolo Gonzalez, organetto et chant

Music, poetry and dance

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