Gods and Dolls


By Ellen Turner Hall


St. Cyprien’s Collection DesnoyerIn the black interior of St. Cyprien’s Collection Desnoyer, figures appear suspended in space, continents and centuries intertwine, spirits are evoked.

Kachinas Hopi – Zuni is an exhibition of ritual objects from North and South America. The kachina doll, fashioned in wood, painted with signs, adorned with feathers, is a magical icon, a connection to nature and everything in the universe. Serving the same spiritual function, are fragments of cloth decorated with warriors, birds and fish – emblematic designs of native cultures.

 The exhibition, from 12 May to 31 August, combines the pre-Colombian art of the Desnoyer Collection and the private collection of contemporary artist Claude Parent-Saura.

An artist “possessed” by his possessions, Parent-Saura experiments with creating his own totems.  In this show Parent-Saura’s latest art projects in paper, ceramic or cloth are seamlessly juxtaposed with 1000-year-old tapestries. (Don’t miss the two catlike creatures –all arched back, teeth and claws.)

Paper and coloured pencils lie in a magic circle, inviting you to enter into the atmosphere…


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