Saturday 4th April 2015 at 21h

Goigs dels Ous in Ille-sur-Têt 2015


A male choir will sing popular Catalan songs at the Salles des fêtes des villages at 21h00.
More info: 04 68 84 02 62


Goigs dels ousA tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages, the goigs dels ous” (or joie des oeufs in French) are traditional Easter songs, ancient hymns sung by choirs in traditional Catalan costume, signaling a return to life after the sadness of winter.

Solemn choirs would wander the streets at night, and whole families would stand in their doorways and listen in fervent silence to the religious ’goigs’.

The eggs of the title were a symbol of the rebirth, the resurrection. Traditionally, the bachelor of the choir would carry a “cistella” a basket for contributions of eggs, black pudding, charcuterie, wine…… ensuring that the singers would end up with everything they needed to cook up an Easter omelette the next day. Villagers would give these gifts in thanks for the music


For more information, contact : 04 68 84 02 62

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