Monday 12th August 2013


Pêche au lamparo and sardinade

Canet port

Pêche au lamparo


The  technique of lamparo fishing was imported by Italian fishermen during the 19th century and consists of attracting fish with light.

Small boats with large lamps overhanging the water set out at night from March to October. Attracted by the light the fish, mostly anchovies and sardines, gather round the boat and are caught in waiting nets.

Place Jean Cocteau
SARDINADE – Tasting of sardines,  vin du pays ( 3€) and Cantada d’Havaneres songs with « Les Veus de l’Estany ».

Quai Barcelone (opposite place Jean Cocteau)
Explanation of Lamparo fishing

Départure of the Lamparo and the ‘barques Catalanes’ – at 200 m from the coasts you can watch this ancient form of fishing take place.

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