Good news for spider lovers – not so good for  the arachnophobic!

Did you know that there have been sightings in the P-O of the Mygale, a general name for large hairy spiders, some of which we refer to as……Tarantulas!! Arrggghhh!

The particular chap sighted several times scuttling around here is affectionately called a funnel web spider, a tunnel building tarantula relative, found mostly in southern Spain, and believed to be imported into our region in the roots of very old olive trees.

Yes, they do bite and yes, it is poisonous- but take comfort. The bite is rarely fatal unless especially allergic.

And more good news. They are unlikely to survive the comparatively cold winters here as opposed to
southern Spain!

Les Mygales or mygalomorph spiders are a group of solid looking  spiders including tarantulas, Australian funnel-webs, and mouse spiders.

Most mygalomorph spiders are not harmful to humans, with the exception of the Australian funnel-web!

And did you know that Mygalomorph spiders can live for up to 25 years?


Do take a peep in your shoes before you put them back on if you have been taking a siesta near an olive grove!!

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