Wild boar meat is leaner and tends to be darker red than ordinary pork, with a sweet and nutty flavour, due in part to its wild diet of grasses and nuts and forage.

This walk, very close to the town of Port Vendres, is a gentle exploration of 2 beautiful, wild and exposed headlands, separated by a deep but charming rocky creek; Anse de la Mauresque and combines a historical realisation with the ruggedness of the rocky coast and wonderful panoramic views.

More than 40 years ago, thousands of starlings, (étourneaux) on their way to Africa chose Perpignan as their ideal stop-over holiday destination.
Food ‘à volonté’ of fruit, grapes, olives… mild climate, and well lit town with tree lined streets put our capital of Catalan culture at the very top of the starling ‘Must Visit’ hit list.