Saturday 4th October 2014 at 15h 


(Club Retro Automobile Catalogne 66)

Espace Méditerranée, Amélie les Bains.


CRAC66  is running the first Lotto/Rifle in the Vallespir for this Autumn. All welcome for a full house!

15€  le carton de 6
12€  le carton de 4

25 parties  (pour un maximum de gagnants)
        1 partie de chauffe
        19  parties quine
        4 parties carton plein
        1 super tombola
Les lots:
        Jambons,
        Filets garnis
        Filets charcuterie
        caissettes de viande
        packs de vin
        bons d’achats 50€
        bon d’achat de 200€


Peter Spencer of Le Boulou tells us a little more about CRAC66

CRAC66 (Club Retro Automobile Catalogne 66) has been running for c.10 years.
The President is Gerard Pouzens  lives and works in Amelie les Bains and runs  the local ambulance, taxi and funeral service.

We have around 40 members of which 6 are Brits. The aim of the club is to develop a welcoming environment for anyone interested in old cars, and in owning and running “voitures anciennes” (this means anything over 25 years but there are generous exceptions such as for my 1995 BMW).

We arrange a monthly “sortie” into the local countryside (in France and Spain). The outings take in around 170km there and back inclusive of a meal or picnic. Examples of these sorties can be found on the web site  under “sorties en evenements automobiles”. We have a number of photo albums on view including  a trip to the Auto retro in Barcelona just before Christmas 2011.

Rosy and I got involved a few years back, after moving to France  in 2003. The contact was via some French friends, Odile and Joel Berard, who live in Maureillas and are on the CRAC 66 committee.

Joel helped me find my vehicle (BMW 320i cabriolet)  and is a very keen enthusiast, having bought and sold around 80 cars since he started collecting in Metz many moons ago.

We live in Le Boulou and organised the club’s outing just before Christmas. This was to Pals and Palafrugell in Spain, to visit the largest wine supermarket in Spain “GRAU”. From there we travelled to lake Banyolles and ate in a lovely restaurant called “el Carpa” which I would heartily recommend  for value, taste and welcoming atmosphere.


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