Fete de La Trinité

Sunday 15th June 2014



The Fete de La Trinité is an ancient pilgrimage that began in the year 953, so this year will be the 1061st Fete! The pilgrimage began in Elne with the Bishop Riculf II. People walked all the way up to the chapel in La Trinité (at this time it was actually called “San Pere de La Serra”). The pilgrimage was in the name of peace and unity of the people.


On arrival at La Trinité, the day before the fete, people ate and chatted together, said prayers and even slept in the chapel overnight. On the day of the fete there was a big feast and a mass outside the chapel if the weather was good. There were games, market of local produce and it was a great opportunity for family reunions and meeting new people (maybe even a future husband or wife – think speed dating of the 10th century!). There were competitions for the men which were aimed at proving their skills at work and baking competitions for the ladies, much like the small village fetes in the UK in the past.

Each year a different family was chosen to organise the fete. This was considered a great honour and the family had to work hard to prove their worth by organising a great fete. To not do this well would be considered an embarrassment for the family.

Today the fete is organised by the inhabitants of the village who have created an association “Les Amis de Prunet et Belpuig”. The organisers are 100% voluntary and the fete has a fantastic lively, friendly atmosphere, bringing together people from all walks of life and all nationalities.

This year there will be the Vide Grenier, Pony rides, ancient games including games in wood made by local children, Marché de Terroir (including fruit & vegetables, honey, cheese, charcuterie, bread & cakes, wine), Crepes “sur place”, Chou Chou (peanuts in caramel), bar, local craftmen/women including a man who makes things out of wicker and a local poet from Arles Sur Tech who will be selling his books, including his latest about La Trinité. Also, a tombola with some fantastic prizes –  a  tool case complete with tools, wine, pétanque balls, a large ham of superior quality, a prize donated by each of the craftsmen/women at the fete, a hand-crafted collectors knife uniquely made just for the fete and many more.

There will be a mass outside the chapel under the oak trees at 11am, followed by  live music from “Les Canaillous” de Millas and a paella at lunchtime. The paella is only 15euros all inclusive (apero, starter, cheese, desert, wine & coffee), reservation recommended.  If paella is not your thing you can buy products from the market and eat them in the beautiful picnic area in the village.

Why not benefit while you are there and visit the ruined chateau at the top of the hill behind the place?  It is a steep walk, but only ten minutes.  From there you have the most incredible views of the Canigou, the ocean and the Corbieres.  Don’t forget your camera!

All further information and reservations for the vide grenier and paella call

Emmanuel Brunet – 04 68 39 40 69.



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