Taking the P in your Pool

McMillan Dictionary
DIPPING – an activity in which a group of people locate a private swimming pool and arrange to swim there without permission when the owner is absent.

We don’t all have a pool, so those who do should feel pretty privileged.

However, it seems that ‘pool squatting’ or ‘dipping’ is on the increase, and empty pools are being targeted while the owner is out or away. And if you’re very unlucky, they will also leave behind a load of rubbish for you to clear away.

Wannabee swimmers are using Internet-based satellite images, such as those provided by Google Earth, to locate a pool, and social media to swap details of empty properties. They meet up, break in…..and the party begins.

Alarms, and outdoor cameras help, but the most important thing is to be vigilant, alert neighbours of your absence where possible (as long as they’re not potential dippers!) and make access to your pool difficult.

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