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Has FilmOn let you down? Was the channel choice slightly odd? Would you like to be able to watch UK TV programs? And would it be great to catch up?

I think we have 4 YES’s – (where have I heard that before?)

We’ve been delivering the highest quality TV service with our Silver, Gold, and Platinum services and now we launch our


Designed for anyone who only wants to watch Free To Air channels but with 14 day catch up, a great choice of UK Radio stations, Audio Club, web browser, and then option to upgrade to Silver, Gold, or Platinum whenever you choose.

All this delivered via your Internet connection! See our website for details webTV4me

If you have been watching through FilmOn and want to see just how much better your TV experience can be,  call us now on 06 82 26 31 54

All of your UK television viewing in one place

FilmOn has been a saviour for many expats who now find themselves out of range of the new Astra satellite. The program choice was reasonable and as it is possible to pick up the feed on a computer and transfer the stream to a TV, best of all, it was FREE! 

But now the owner of FilmOn has followed the example of so many other Internet entrepreneurs, and unless you are happy to watch 2 minutes of TV and then restart the broadcast, you must pay for the service. As they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Here’s a summary of what is available through webTV4me

  • Over 215 Live TV channels with many in HD
  • 14 day Catch Up on most channels
  • Timeshift function – if the program you want to watch has started you can wind back to the beginning
  • On Demand – over 72,000 movies and box sets with download facility
  • Audio Club with great choice of albums
  • Great choice of Radio
  • Karaoke facility
  • Internet browsing
  • Access to YouTube
  • Low Internet speed program choice
Call or email to find out more

06 82 26 31 54

Find out more on our website

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