If the language barrier leaves you looking more like Olive Oyl than Olivia Newton John when you visit the hairdressers, pop eye, I mean pop in to see Samantha, English speaking hairdresser in Cabestany  .or Gilly at Expertderme in Céret for the beauty……or arm yourself with this useful hair and beauty vocab before setting off for your makeover. 



haircut – une coupe
shampoo – le shampooing (shom-pwan)
conditioner l’après-shampooing
highlights – les mèches
perm – une permanente
layered – dégradé
sideboards – les pattes
fringe – une frange
parting – une raie
blow dry – un brushing
hair ends – les pointes
Would this suit me? – Ca m’irait ?
I’d like the colour/roots touching up. – Je voudrais refaire ma couleur/racines.


treatments – les soins
make-up – le maquillage
hair removal (legs/eyebrows/bikini/underarm) – l’épilation (jambes/sourcils/maillot/aisselles)
Eyebrow or eyelash tint – Teinture cils ou sourcils
moisturising cream – une crème hydratante.
eye cream – un soin contour des yeux.
facial – un soin de visage
(dry/oily/combinination) skin – la peau (seche/ grasse/ mixte / peau sèche / peau sensible ou irritable
anti wrinkle treatment – un soin anti rides
beauty sleep – sommeil réparateur
Nail polish/gel nails – Pose vernis/Gel/ semi-permanent

plastic surgeon – un chirurgien esthétique

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