Brexit and Covid-free zone for our 69th P-O Life Mag. 

P-O Life 69 is now ON LINE and  downloadable from the website

It’s bigger than usual so might take a little longer to download. Sorrrrrrrrrry –  but we’re sure it’s worth the short wait.

If, like me, you prefer the paper version, you will be able to pick it up from all the usual places around the region from 1st April when it hits the streets!

Keep an eye on the map below as we update!

Here’s the list of all the places you can (or will be able to soon) pick up our Spring issue

Places in green have it available now and places in orange will have it shortly (covid depending).

Abbays ST Martin


Amelie Les Bains
– OT


– OT
– Chateau Valmy
– Intermarché

-Jardinerie d’Argeles

-O Mamies

Arles sur Tech
– Patisseries Touron
– Els Simiots Restaurant

– Carrefour
– La vieille cave

-O. T. 
Carrefour – route des crêtes


-Sams Salon

Canet en Rousillon (+ plage)
– OT
– Bio Coop
– Hyper Casino

Céret centre:
– Bella Pizza
– Quattrocento
– Céretnité
– Maisons Martin
– OT Ceret
– Allianz
– Pays Pyrénées Méditerranée
– Century 21
– Immo service
– Carrefour market
– Terrasous
– Axa

– OT
– Cave à FéFé
– Café Sola

Céret Zone Oulrich: (around Intermarché)
– Intermarché
– Boulangerie l’Atelier
– art & renovation
– Fun Bike Center
– Bio-sud

– OT
-Dupain et Dubon





Ille sur tet

-Super U

– OT
– Café des Artistes
– Laroca
– Boulangerie

-Le Fournil

Le Barcares:
– OT

Le Boulou:

– Bricomarché
– OT
– Boulanger  (electrical shop)
– Leclerc
– Biocoop

Le Soler

– Intermarche

– OT

– Intermarche



– Tourist Office
– Café Vienne
– Catal’encre
– Beautiful South
– Agence de Développement Touristique

– Cabinet Perrin

-Artaxa Immo

Perpignan Agrisud:
– El Coco Rico
– La Pata Negra
– Olivier Bajard
– Boniface Coquillages

Perpignan Airport

Perpignan Chemin de la Fauceille:
– Maison Paré
– Rugby Store
– Art et Renovation / Biossun
– Tryba

-Leroy Merlin



-Corner Shop Coffee



– OT
– Criée Côte Catalane
– Restaurant Chez Jo (former 7 grill)
– Carrefour Market
– Intermarché
– Eve’solutions

Les caves du roussillon – 19 rue Jules pams
– Cave St Martin : 5 residence templers
– Petit casino :14 rue jules pams. 
– Mairie de Port vendres – 8 rue jules pams
– Boulangerie : 5 rue jules pams
– Brico marché : la plat du port


-Super U




Saint Génis
– OT

Saint André
– OT
– Intermarché





Saint Cyprien
– OT
-Bike and Beach

Saint Jean pla de Corts (lake)
– La Guingette
-Wake park
-Pedalos + paddle hire centre
-Water park

Sainte Marie
– OT

– OT

– Terrasous

– OT/ Caves Byhrr

-GF Peinture
-Hotel Cortie
– Josephine Coffee Shop

Torreilles Plage
– OT

Torreilles Village
– OT

– Domaine de la Perdrix
– Mas Deu

Vernet les bains:






You may already have noticed that they disappear very quickly so why not ‘order’ one to be saved at one of the main tourist offices, or at one of our advertisers, most of whom stock the mag and will be happy to put one aside for you.

Copies can be found at Perpignan airport,  Leroy Merlin,   all main tourist offices, various restaurants, shops and boulangeries around the region, most Intermarchés and Carrefours, Café des Artistes in Laroque, Cérenité and Martin estate agents in Céret, Cave à Féfé in Collioure, Casa Mombasa in Argelès Village……and loads of other places…..and of course chez many of our advertisers. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS (updated once the paper magazine is out)

If there are none left, please ask them to ring us and we can take in more. 

As usual, P-O Life brings you walks, restaurant reviews, recipes, airport news, French and English language exercises, incredibly bad jokes, days out…… and a host of talented guest writers who have volunteered (or been volunteered) to be your personal guides around the region.
My grateful thanks to them all – they are what make P-O Life special!

P-O Life

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