Domaine de la Perdrix – Trouillas

Outside the Domaine de la Perdrix in Trouillas is
parked a large white van across the front of which PERDRIX EXPRESS is written. And
when you meet Andre and Virginie Gil and taste their wines you have the feeling that
Domaine de la Perdrix is indeed going very far and very fast.
They have all but outgrown the 1830 wine cellar built from
vineyard stones and hidden in the depths of old Trouillas
and are building a new air conditioned one on the road from
Trouillas to Mas Sabole. They both talk with enthusiasm of
the project and will bring to it the same energy that has
seen the rebirth of the domaine they took over in 1997.
Giving up life as Parisian restaurateurs they are determined
to make quality wine at a reasonable price whilst respecting
the environment and considerable legislative restrictions.
Quite a challenge. Andre has returned to his roots.

In most of the villages of the Aspres there is a Rue Joseph
Sebastian Pons. A famous poet and a literary giant on the
Roussillon scene in the first part of the XX century he was
born in Ille sur Têt in 1886. He is Andre’s Great Grandfather.
He had one daughter who married Doctor Susplugas, an
artist and lover of nature: Andre’s Grandfather. It is his
drawing of a partridge that has given the Domaine its name
and that appears on many of the labels.

There are no fewer than fifteen different wines
made from the many small and varied parcels of
vines that the “Perdrix” represents. It takes all
the Gil’s enthusiasm, energy and skill to balance
the combination of soil, grape variety, weather
condition, and production techniques and end
up with a selection to please every discerning

3 Particularly Recommended 3

[(Côtes Catalanes Rosé)]
Light and delicious fruity wine for easy summer
drinking. 4.70€
[(Cuvée Joseph Sebastien Pons 2006)]
Won a star in the Guide Hachette 2009. Supple and rich
wine matured for a year in oak and made from a classic
mixture of Syrah, Grenache Noir and Carignan grapes.
Potential to mature for a further five years but tempting
to drink now. 9.80€
[(Rivesaltes Ambre 2005)]
Naturally sweet, rich golden wine of which they are
justly proud. Perfect dessert wine but can be appreciated
equally well with blue cheese or foie gras. 12€

If you see any Perdrix wines on a restaurant list or in a
wine shop you can be confident of excellent quality for
the price.
[(Ring 04 6853 1274 before visiting Caves of the Domaine
de la Perdrix at 7 rue des Platanes, 66300 Trouillas)]

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