Present Tense Conjugations Quiz

In English we have two  ways to express the present tense

  1. Simple present: I play tennis
  2. Continuous present: I am playing tennis

In French there is only one  tense : le présent  – facile!!

When translating from English, make sure you translate the correct verb: always choose the -ing.

For example:

  • I am playing tennis = Je joue (NOT am)
  • They are watching TV = Ils regardent (NOT are)
  • He is speaking French = Il parle  (NOT is)

There are 3 main groups of regular verbs, which conjugate as follows

If only life were as simple as that!

French is bursting with irregular verbs, in fact, most of the verbs you commonly use don’t follow the rules!

Some change their vowels…

DEVOIR – must

Je dois
Tu dois
Il / elle dois
Nous devons
Vous devez
Ils doivent

Some pick up an accent…

ACHETER – to buy

Tu achètes
Il / elle achète
Nous achetons
Vous achetez
Ils achetent

Others double their consonant…

JETER – to throw

Je jette
Tu jettes
Il / elle jette
Nous jetons
Vous jetez
Ils jettent

And some seem to defy all rhyme and reason (see avoir/être for example)


How well do you know your present tense conjugations?


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