Remote blocking for stolen mobiles


First, call the operator (your service provider) who will block the SIM card.
Next, register an official complaint with the police, providing  the IMEI number (tap *#06# into your phone to find this out BEFORE it is stolen), date, time and place last used by you.

The police will then transmit the information to your service provider, who, thanks to a new law called LOPPSI (l’orientation et de programmation pour la performance de la sécurité intérieure) can now block the actual phone remotely, so that it can no longer be used, even with a different SIM.

You may not get it back, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that no one else can use it!

Je voudrais déposer plainte – I would like to make a complaint
On a volé mon (téléphone) portable – My mobile has been stolen
J’ai perdu mon portable – I’ve lost my mobile


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