Friday 8th – Sunday 10th May 2015



Three days of commemorative events are being held in Saint-Cyprien from 8 to 10 May to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the second World War. 

As part of the celebrations, around 50 historic vehicles, three tanks and a number of other tracked vehicles will be paraded through the streets by uniformed personnel.  In addition to vehicle exhibitions, local Commandos will be demonstrating their skills and tracked vehicles will be put through their paces on the beach. 

A Grand Ball with dancing and live music from the era by the Bras Orchestra is also taking place at the place Desnoyer on Friday evening.

10h: Procession through the streets
10h30: Official opening ceremony, vehicle demonstrations and exhibition in the place de la Mairie
15h15: Commando demonstration CNEC (Collioure / Mont-Louis)
15:30: The vehicles depart for the beach to receive their military flags and will pick up civilians on the way at the place Maillol and quai Rimbaud
17:30: Static display of vehicles at the Harbour
From 19h: Aperitif offered by the Municipality, bodega and tapas
20h: Music and dancing with the Bras Orchestra at Liberation Ball in the place Desnoyer

Morning: Historic vehicle exhibition at the Capitainerie
14:30: Demonstration of tanks and other tracked vehicles at the Theatre de la Mer on the Saint-Cyprien beach and a chance to ride in one of the vehicles
17:30: Historic vehicle exhibition at the Capitainerie

Morning: Historic vehicle exhibition at the Capitainerie


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