Easter Sunday. Holy Communion 10.00 am St.George’s Church, Rue du Temple, Vernet-les-Bains. The service is in English and is open to all whatever your denomination…. or none. Please come and share fellowship and worship the God who loves you.

The Easter Omelette, or ‘Omelette Pascale is more than just a recipe in Catalonia – it’s a whole tradition!
According to legend, Napoleon Bonaparte was travelling across southern France with his army, when he first tasted an omelette prepared for him at an inn near Bessières. He was so impressed that he had a giant omelette made for his troops the very next day. What a nice man!

Easter weekend in Villefranche is a bit of a treat. The « Goig dels ous de xocolat » sees musicans « Els Ministrils del Rosselló » parade through the streets with the ’geganters de Villefranche’ playing Catalan musical intruments (gralles, flaviol and tambourin) and asking for chocolate eggs from the inhabitants of the town in exchange for their music.

Take the Easter egg train from Rivesaltes to Axat with the ‘Train Touristique du Pays Cathares et du Fenouillèdes’.(TPCF)
Join the egg hunt in the forests and picnic around a giant omelette. The Easter bunny will be on the train to help the children (and adults – why not?) to find chocolate eggs hidden in the forest
Bring your own picnic.

Despite being the brunt of many cheap jokes over the years, the good people of Belgium have had the last laugh where food and drink are concerned. For example, Brussels has relatively more Michelin starred restaurants than either Paris or London. Chips, or ‘French Fries’, are, in fact a Belgian invention, and Belgium’s beers routinely win far more prizes than the output of UK or German breweries..

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