Virelange (tongue twister) Six slips chics (Six smart pairs of underpants!)   1. Remplissez les blancs avec les mots ci-dessous Un monsieur 1 dans le commissariat de police 2  un pingouin. « Je 3  de trouver…

Don’t just say something is ‘très bien’ Say it is…..Cool…Super…Extra…Exceptionnel…Extraordinaire…Formidable…Génial…Nickel (slang)…Remarquable…Sensationnel

Test your French
1. Match up the proverbs 1 Qui veut la fin veut les moyens. 2. Un malheur ne vient jamais seul 3. Qui va lentement va sûrement

Hands up if the vocabulary and acronyms associated with the French Education System leaves you standing outside the classroom door! Your neighbour’s grandson ‘va redoubler’. What a clever girl his sister must be, going to college at just 11 years old. And what on earth is BAC + 3?

Useful Vocabulary Les vagues – waves La houle – swell Une marée basse/haute – low/high tide Les moutons – white horses Le littoral – coastline Les algues – seaweed Une bouée – rubber ring Un seau — bucket Une pelle — shovel Un râteau — rake Un coup de soleil – sunburn…..

There are loads of different ways of improving your French. We all learn differently, and as we grow older, one of the greatest blocks to learning is memory. And yet many of us can still sing along to new songs – and remember the words!