There are loads of different ways of improving your French. We all learn differently, and as we grow older, one of the greatest blocks to learning is memory – yet many of us can still sing along, word perfect, to all the old songs.

If you’re lucky, once you get to the airport, there isn’t really that much to say: hand over your boarding pass, glide through security (if you’re not wearing an underwired bra), and settle down with a large G&T to await take-off. However, sometimes it doesn’t all run quite so smoothly, particularly in winter, and its useful to have a bit of local lingo to find out what’s going on.

Spring is in the air and there’s no better time to brush up your language skills!
60€ pay in advance- that’s just 10€ per session!
15€ per session on a drop-in basis
Relaxed, informal, social atmosphere
Situational vocabulary and general language instruction

Virelangue (tongue twister)

Repeat quickly 3 times
C’est sûr que son chat sait chasser!

1. D pour Danger! Match up the words, all beginning with D, with their definitions. (Why not try to work them out first just from the definitions?) 1 dresser 2 désaltérer 3 douanier 4 doigt 5 disponible 6 doubler