Saturday 3rd May 2014 at 20h

Concert – 8 centuries of Scottish music.

Les Sorcières de Carlops  arrivent!

Théatre Vauban,  Port Vendres

Music from the 12th century to the present day will be presented by an ensemble of 4 instrumentalists and 2 singers – all flying in specially for the event. The musicians from the Carlops Orchestra are flying  from Scotland to the P.O. to give a concert in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of l’association Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Towards the end of his life, Mackintosh gave up architecture to become a full time painter and in the corner where the Pyrenees dip into the Mediterranean, Mackintosh and his wife and co-artist Margaret, spent probably the happiest years of their lives.

The concert is entitled a « Whigmaleerie » and will be an eclectic and whimsical potpourri of Scottish music from the Renaissance to the present day.  Murray Campbell, the leader of the group, is Professor Emeritus of Musical Acoustics at Edinburgh University and the other three members of the quartet –  Patsy Campbell. Les Morss and Kate Morss are all semi-retired academics, – between them representing Napier, Queen Margaret and Edinburgh Universities.  Caroline Gold, the female singer, is a wood sculptor and cabinetmaker.  The male singer, Tim Wilcock, has a background in accountancy and computing

 Les Sorcières de Carlops  arrivent!Carlops has a population of only 300 people yet is remarkable for its classical, dance, jazz and classical orchestras.  Built in 1784 as a weaving village, it is dominated by The Rock (The Carlin’s Loup – the Witches Leap), which is reputed to have been from where local witches launched on their broomsticks to make mischief in the hours of darkness.  Nowadays the mischief is musical and the weavers of wool have been replaced by weavers of melody, flying high like their forbears, but casting their magic through the international language of music.  Arriving by broomstick is cheaper than Ryanair, and appeals to the Scots sense of economy but it is a bit sore on the bum!

First half
Les Orcades
Hymn to St Magnus

Cour Royal d’Ecosse
O lusty May
Remember me my deir
My Lord of March Pavane
Hutchesoun’s Galliard
What mightie motion
One yeir begins, another ends

Murray Campbell
Mr Gordon Wylie’s Pavan and Galliard
Dr Gordon Wylie;s Almain

Robert Burns
Afton Water
Ca’ the yowes
Ae fond kiss
Mary Morison
A man’s a man for a’ that


Second half

☛ Sir John Clerk de Penicuik
Maiore ccresce il fuoco

Traditionel Écossais
Jock o’ Hazeldean
Johnnie Cope

Ronald Stevenson
Ae gowden lyric
The Buckie Braes

☛ Gerda Stevenson
I come to you

Ae gowden lyric
The Buckie Braes

Traditional Scottish
Ceilidh dance medley

Murray Campbell
Chris and Mary’s Wedding
The new path to Kitleyknowe

Traditionel Ecossais
Lady Anne Bothwell’s Lament

Arbeau’s “Orchesographie”
Branle Double et Simple
Branle de Bourgogne
Branle de la Guerre
Branle d’Ecosse

20h00 in the Théatre Vauban, Place Castellane, Port Vendres Saturday 3rd May.  Entry 10€.
Further information:
Robin Crichton.  0033 468 350312
Murray Campbell

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