Tourisme de Terroir

Coming from the French word terre for “soil,” the word terroir originally described the special characteristics of a region, or piece of land, which gave different varieties of wine, coffee and tea their individuality. (Soil, climate, position, regional traditions….)

Over the centuries, French winemakers developed and took for their own the concept of terroir but the word is still often used to describe rural activities and harvest festivals. 

So If you think the end of the summer season brings a curtain down on outdoor frolics in the P-O, read on! Summer fun is fine, but autumn entertainment is awesome, winter wobbles a little, then comes spring. Fairs and festivals around the region, little and large, celebrating every imaginable ‘produit de terroir’, animal, vegetable and mineral.
Potatoes, olives, wine (bien sûr) chocolate, antiques, roast chestnuts, more wine, (bien sûr) witches, horses, foie gras, apples, encore du vin (bien sûr) ………

They might not all be a pulsing whirl of excitement – some are only small gatherings scantily attended – but it’s a great way to support the local producers, many of whom are struggling in the present economic climate.

It might be wild and windy out there, but the temperatures are definitely on the up and the terroir season is well under way. In May, don’t miss Céret’s cherry festival but there’s also plenty of yummy, seasonal and local produce to be found elsewhere across the region. 

Check in with local tourist offices for more detailed info… and if you know of any small fairs and festivals celebrating the land, please CONTACT US.


Every Thursday
Banyuls sur Mer

Visite guidée d’un oliveraie (guided visit of olive grove)

Saturday 1st 

Fête de l’anchois (anchovy festival)

Sunday 2nd
Prats de Mollo
Foire du printemps (spring fayre)

Sunday 2nd
Prats de Sournia

Journée au balcon du Fenouillèdes (terroir festival)

Monday 10th
Fête du printemps (sprintime festival)

Monday 10th
Château Mas Déu, Trouillas
Marché terroir & dégustation (local producers’ market with tastings)

Monday 10th
Saint Paul de Fenouillet

Marché nocturne (evening terroir market with music and street parade)

Friday 14th
Cases de Pène
Apéro du château (music, wine and grillade)

Friday 14th
Les 100 ans de Rasiguères 
(tasting of vin doux naturels) 

Friday 14th – Saturday 15th
Fête des fruits et légumes frais (fresh fruit and veg festival)

Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th
Prats de Mollo
Foire transfrontalière intercommunale du Haut-Vallespir (cross border fayre)

Saturday 15th
Caves Byrrh, Thuir
Atelier pâtisserie parent-enfant (child & parent baking workshop)

Sunday 16th
Village gourmand (terroir market with music)

Wednesday 19th
Atelier senteurs: fruits et fleurs (flower and fruit smelling workshop)

Thursday 20th
Les Passéjades de Rasiguères (guided walk through the vines and tasting)

Saturday 22nd
Voyage sensoriel (sensory journey on the Train Rouge with guided tastings of product from the Agly valley)

Sunday 23rd
Journée Vinoculture (guided visit, tastings, museum entry, terroir meal & Saint Jean celebrations)

Sunday 23rd
Vernet les Bains

Fête de l’ortille (nettle festival)

Wednesday 26th
Atelier senteurs: épices et VDN (spice and sweet wine smelling workshop)

Thursday 27th
Apéro Jazz (music and terroir apéro)

Saturday 29th
Balade de vignes en caves (2 hour guided walk through the vineyards with a guided tasting to finish)

Saturday 29th
Balade gourmande (10km guided walks through the Aspres valley including wine tastings and a casse-croûte picnic half way)

Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th
Le Barcarès
Escale vigneronne (wine & terroir tasting festival)

Sunday 30th
Maillol à voir et à boire (guided visit of works in Musée d’art Hyacinthe Rigaud and in the town centre with wine tasting)


Sunday 21st
Lavende en fête (lavender festival)

Wednesday 31st
Les Bains de Saint Thomas

Ouverture nocturne (evening opening with music and terroir apéro)


Friday 2nd
Fête de la pomme de terre nouvelle (new potato festival)

Thursday 15th
Fête de la pêche (peach festival)

Wednesday 28th
Les Bains de Saint Thomas

Marché terroir (local producers’ market with free tastings)

Friday 30th – Saturday 31st
Le Barcarès

Bodega del mar

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