Les Enfants de la Mer

Environmental awareness and sustainable development, here and abroad

The municipal action of les Enfants de la Mer has confirmed Argelès as a key national player in the field of environmental activism and sustainable development. Back for its 9th edition, this recurring summer-long project was originally inspired by the outdoor photography exhibition, Vivants, in Paris back in 2007. Aiming to engage and educate visitors of all ages, les Enfants de la Mer is a collaborative effort, unique in France.

afrique sauvange, les enfants de la mer

Afrique sauvage (Wild Africa)

60 black and white images documenting the wild beauty of the Savannah, this is an intimate portrait of the struggle to survive on this harsh, fragmented continent.

aguamolls d'aqui, les enfants de la mer

Aguamolls d’aqui

Celebrating and showcasing the beauty on our doorstep, this exhibition documents the water and the important role it plays here in the P-O. Canet, Saint Nazaire, Leucat and over into southern Catalonia, the lakes and coastal areas are integral to migratory birds and other flora and fauna.

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