Attestation de déplacement : for travel of more than 100km from home from 11th May

From Monday 11th. May, you will be able to choose between printing off/copying out a paper attestation or producing a digital certificate on your smart phone if you are intending to travel more than 100km from your home, unless it is within  the ‘département’ where you are resident.

You do not need a declaration….:

…..for trips of more than 100 km made within your department of residence.
…..for trips outside the department of residence, within the limit of 100km.

The digital form is now available  HERE online via the government website.

How it works

You will be able to edit the form directly from your smartphone, no need for printers or pens. The form will then be converted in a QR code (like a digital bar code) that the police will be able to scan.

You will have to enter all the same information as with the paper form but in a bid to prevent fraud, the QR code will also display the time that you filled in the form.

No files are created or stored meaning your information remains private and safe. And thanks to the QR code, police officers and gendarmes will not need to touch the phone, they will only need to scan the screen.

You should also carry with you a ‘Un justificatif de domicile’ (proof of residence) and any other documents relevant to your journey.


Note of caution – the form is designed for traveling to French addresses, i so had to alter the postal code to fit and pick a French department near where we are going in Switzerland (otherwise, the tool would not generate the form and QR code). Also, printing directly from the generate form did not work well – save it as a PDF, then print from the PDF. Also, you may need a separate form for each individual. And maybe extra copies, so I printed out three each. Bonne chance!

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Traffic light system

As of the 11th May, our green region will be able to travel up to 100km from our homes without an attestation. Travel should however be restricted to a minimum with residents urged to use their common sense. If you are planning to travel further,  it may be useful to know the status of the regions you may be passing through. You can consult an up-dated map here but this is how the situation looked on Wednesday 8th May..

covid regional map
The colour attribution is calculated according to two criteria : the active circulation of the virus and the current pressure on hospitals

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