The team, Colin &  Lynn Heafield and Jo Brace, would like to inform you of the success they experienced at their very first Soirée Karaoke for Téléthon, held in Maureillas on 10th November.
They were praying and hoping for half the success of the Salon de Thé Britannique, which they were responsible for, but never in their wildest dreams did they expect to exceed what was their best Tea Room year ever, in 2016!
Approximately 120 folk attended, all of whom enjoyed the huge array of tapas, (all donated) and well stocked bar.
From the very young to the not so young, keen as mustard to show off their skills. People who hadn’t dared previously to ‘have a go’, were now prepared to give it their all.  Everyone, whatever their level got a good round of appreciative applause – and what a variety of songs were sung!  There was some dancing too.
The team  want to thank those ‘would be’ stars of the future who provided the evening’s entertainment.
We made the wonderful sum of 1.456€ and we are all justifiably proud of this amazing achievement. Well done all those who helped out.

Maureillas (SoiréeKaraoke)” in aid of Téléthon 2017.

The team who brought you the Téléthon Salon de Thé are now looking to new horizons.  For the first time, we bring you “Your Voice, Maureillas (SoiréeKaraoke)” in aid of Téléthon 2017.

Where?  Foyer Municipal, Route de las Illas, Maureillas.
When?  November 10th. Doors open 7pm

What? Tapas,  Bar and Karaoke

Come along and enjoy a variety of tapas with a beer or a glass of wine.

Musical entertainment will be provided by members of the audience – you know how it works!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to sing, there will be plenty of opportunity to dance instead and appreciate the variety of tapas available whilst listening to the singing.

It promises to be a fun evening’s entertainment for all the family for a great cause.

If you  would like to provide some tapas for us to sell on the night,  Email replies to

Please make a note of the date, watch this space for more information….. and we look forward to seeing you there.

Colin, Lynn & Jo

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